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Who We Are

The Bengal Rescue Network is a national organization of volunteers. All of its members are active Bengal cat enthusiasts who truly care about these cats' health, welfare and happiness. We hope to ensure that NO Bengal cat roams the streets, goes hungry, sleeps in the cold, requires attention, lacks affection or remains alone to face an uncertain future.

The “Network” is a meeting place for rescuers, foster caregivers, and adopters from around the United States, Canada and Europe, to exchange ideas and assist in re-homing Bengal cats. To be part of the network, the rescuers, foster caregivers and adopters must agree that (1) all cats are vetted (if necessary or current records cannot be verified) and spayed/neutered before placement, and (2) cats are not regularly permitted to be adopted as “outside” pets. (Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis.)

Adopting A Friend

So, you've decided to adopt a Bengal cat. There are several ways to do this.

  • You can visit the cat listings on Petfinder and do a search for ANIMAL = CAT, BREED = BENGAL, STATE = YOUR ZIPCODE, and EXPANDED SEARCH = NATIONAL. If you find a Bengal cat you like, be sure to locate the contact information in the listing description. Emailing the shelter or rescue organization may not put you in contact with the person that HAS the cat.
  • Go to to see cats listed specifically by Bengal Rescue Network.
  • Join the Bengal Rescue Network email list at . This list can put you in contact with regional contacts for your area. Many cats are listed through this group email which MAY NOT be listed on Petfinder.

Adoption fees vary, and are influenced by costs for veterinary fees involved with bringing the cat to full health prior to adoption.

For more information about Bengal Cats

To learn more about the Bengal cat, please go to The International Bengal Cat Society online at and The International Bengal Cat Connection online at


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