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Bengal cats need someone who can help them re-adjust to a healthy home life. Fostering is one of the most important things you can do... Help teach a Bengal that it can be a loved pet again.

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Do you have some time to give? Want to help? Have you considered volunteering for the Bengal Rescue Network?

The Bengal Rescue Network, like any organization of this kind, always needs fosters, transporters, Expo assistants, and others who can talk to folks about Bengal cats

Fostering for Bengal Rescue
Fosters are ALWAYS needed. Fostering a Bengal cat can be a rewarding experience. A foster's responsibility includes housing a Bengal, that may need care or may be available for adoption, until its forever home is found. During that time, you care for the cat as if it were your own, providing food, interactive play and veterinary care. Some expenses are reimbursed, some are your responsibility. Please read the "Fostering Guidelines", found in the menu above under Volunteer, Fostering, Guidelines.

Once you are ready to become a foster, please download and fill our the "Foster Application", found in the menu above under Volunteer, Fostering, Application, and forward it via email to the appropriate Regional Coordinator (found in the menu under Home, Regions).

Transporters are needed to help move cats from their current situation to approved fosters and/or adopters. If you would like to help transport Bengals, please contact your Regional Coordinator (found in the menu above under Home, Regional Contacts) to find out if transporters are needed in your area.

Office Help and Other Opportunities
Please contact your Regional Coordinator (found in the menu above under Home, Regional Contacts) about possible ways to help.


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